Does It Help To Publish Paid Articles For SEO

One of the important elements in an SEO strategy to get results is link building . Building a backlink profile is, otherwise, the main reason why SEO specialists choose to publish SEO advertorials.

However, building this profile of qualitative backlinks is not as easy a process as some might think.

In this article we will explain how things are, what the advertorials are, what native advertising means and many other things that can help you build an effective backlink profile yourself.

1. What are SEO advertorial articles?

Regardless of the size of the business, a well-developed SEO promotion plan is the key to online success.

Now, on the one hand…

An SEO advertorial is an article published online in order to attract quality backlinks to the promoted site.

And on the other hand…

The phrase “SEO advertorial” is used to describe the online publication of paid articles on blogs and sites relevant to SEO.

Publishing paid (advertorial) articles helps you provide useful educational content in various forms – opinions, interviews, press releases, etc. – to potential customers of a product or service.

Advertisements are considered “Paid Media” (advertising space costs).

Why use this type of promotion on blogs and sites?

Potential customers of a business can be converted into customers directly through these articles and indirectly through the impact they have on the site.

Basically, in such an advertorial, a business can present its products or services in a creative way to potential customers and obtain quality backlinks on relevant keywords, from relevant sites (from the same field of activity and with authority in terms of SEO – YES, PA, CF, TF, etc.).

The use of paid articles (SEO advertorials) in the SEO strategy is the ideal solution to place a business website among the first organic results in Google.